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September 2014 Archives

Child Support Services provides aid to all parents

One of the responsibilities of the California Department of Child Support Services is to ensure that parents across the state have information about and access to the department's assistance. One of the ways that the department accomplishes this goal is by publishing information concerning general facts about the Child Support Services Program.

Establishing what is community property during divorce

In community property states like California, all assets that belong to the community of both spouses are divided equally if and when the spouses file for divorce. Although there is a belief that assets obtained during marriage are community property, this presumption may be rebutted with sufficient evidence. For instance, if the deed or other evidence of a property title indicates that the acquired property belongs to one spouse alone, that property may be deemed to be separate.

Alimony or spousal support under California law

California courts may award alimony as a means of alleviating the economic burden that may otherwise be felt by a spouse who does not earn an income or whose income would be insufficient to maintain his or her standard of living following divorce. The type of alimony ordered, if any, is heavily fact-dependent and may be significantly different from case to case.

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