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Lawsuit asks Flo Rida for 7 months of child support

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Child Support

California fans of rapper Flo Rida may have heard that a woman has filed a child support suit that involves him. The two had a relationship from December 2015 to January 2016. In September of that year, their son was born. A paternity test the following December named Flo Rida as the father, and reportedly, the results of the test were included in the lawsuit.

However, despite the results of the test, the rapper has not yet acknowledged the child as his. The suit alleges that he owes seven months of child support.

An additional complication is that the child was born with hydrocephalus. This causes swelling in the head due to too much cerebrospinal fluid. Reportedly, the medical issue is what has prompted the mother to move ahead with the child support lawsuit since she is struggling to pay for his treatment.

In child support cases involving unmarried parents, the first step may be to establish paternity. The court takes the position that a parent has an obligation to support their child, so a parent is required to pay support even if they choose not to have contact with the child. The amount paid for child support will be calculated depending on several factors including both parents’ income and other expenses such as health care. Once a child support amount is set, a parent can also apply for a modification of support in certain circumstances. For example, if either parent has a significant change in income or in some types of expenses, such as support for another child, this could result in a change in the amount paid.

Source: Perez Hilton, “Flo Rida Sued For Not Paying Child Support For The Son He’s Yet To Acknowledge!“, April 20, 2017