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March 2016 Archives

Extended divorces may not be good for children

Few, if any, California children enjoy the prospect of their parents splitting up, so divorce is almost always going to be a difficult situation for kids. It is quite common for children to blame themselves for their parents' divorce, and a major change to a kid's living situation is likely to be hard for them. However, how a divorce is handled and how long it takes to be sorted out can play an important part.

How developing a parenting plan can lower conflict

California parents who are struggling with the emotional aspects of a divorce may particularly worry about its impact on their children. One of the best ways to make the transition less painful for children is by creating a cooperative relationship with the other parent, and a solid parenting plan is a key to this.

Tax filing considerations for divorcing spouses

It is sometimes difficult for divorcing couples to maintain perspective and focus on long-term considerations during heated discussions over property division and spousal support, and this may be particularly true during the contentious negotiations common in community property states like California. Spouses drawn into bitter disputes over assets with high sentimental value but low monetary worth sometimes fail to think about their retirement years, and agreements are frequently reached in haste just to get the process over with.

Shepherd loses appeal in child support case

California courts deal with many different child support scenarios, but those similar to the situation recently faced by Sherri Shepherd may be uncommon. In her situation, the former co-host of "The View" and her then-husband decided to have a child by means of surrogacy. A donated egg and the sperm of Shepherd's husband were used, and a surrogacy contract was made. However, the marriage crumbled after the pregnancy began. Her former husband now has custody of the child, but prior to the boy's birth, Shepherd attempted to end the surrogacy contract.

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