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May 2015 Archives

International treaty for child support is closer to full approval

After initially rejecting proposed legislation dealing with international child support and enforcement over fears that it opened up the possibility of having to adhere to Sharia law, Idaho legislators voted to approve a bill that is expected to be signed into law by the governor. Idaho's reversal removes another obstacle for the country's full participation in an international treaty intended to make it easier to collect child support payments from parents who live abroad. California parents who are in this situation likely know how frustrating enforcement of these obligations can be.

Petition to end alimony in California begins signature collection

Secretary of State Alex Padilla approved a request by alimony reform activists to collect signatures for their petition. A software consultant from Orange County started the movement after going through a difficult divorce. He and his backers believe that the concept of spousal support is outdated. Designed primarily to support divorcing women in a time when females had few income opportunities, alimony is seen by the petitioners as no longer necessary.

Contingent alimony and income tax deductions in California

Some Californians who expect to pay alimony in their cases make agreements in which the amount of alimony to be paid is contingent on the activities of the other spouse. A recent case demonstrates how such contingent agreements may affect the ability of the person making payments to deduct them and the requirement for the recipient to report them as income.

Guidelines for parents in supervised visitations

For some California parents who are not living together, time with their children may be scheduled as supervised visitation. This might be the case if the parent and child have never met before or have been apart for a long time, if the parent has had substance abuse issues or for other reasons. In a supervised visitation, a third party will be present at all times while the noncustodial parent is with the child.

Examining potential jail time for failure to pay child support

When parents in California share a child but are no longer together, the issue of failure to pay child support can arise. This can affect prominent people or ordinary citizens. It can lead to legal problems including jail time. Parents who fail to pay what they're supposed to in child support are commonly pigeonholed as "deadbeat" parents. In some circumstances, however, they work in low-paying jobs and are themselves poor.

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