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July 2014 Archives

Social media is a useful tool against delinquent parents

Social media is now being used to go after parents in California and around the country who are not paying their child support. The pictures and messages posted by these parents can be clues as to whether they really cannot afford to pay their mandated support or if they simply are choosing to ignore their responsibilities.

Mortgage issues during and after a divorce

Couples in California that are divorced or planning on separating legally may face difficulties regarding the loans attached to property that is owned jointly. For example, in the situation in which one spouse wishes to purchase a house, the other party might automatically be given interest in the new property. However, the other spouse can renounce to any claim in that property by signing a quitclaim deed.

Financial considerations for gray divorcees

Divorce can be difficult at any age. Regardless of the circumstances that may have lead to a marriage's demise, dealing with the emotional and financial implications of divorce may prove to be challenging. This is especially the case for individuals who are nearing or in retirement. Gone are the days when marriages that survived the five or 10 year mark were considered nearly divorce-proof. In fact according to the National Center for Family & Marriage Research, the divorce rate "among adults 50 and older doubled from 1990 to 2010."

On their own: women and wealth

While they say opposites attract, more often, romantic relationships develop when two individuals meet and discover they have similar backgrounds and interests. Individuals may connect over a shared love of travel or a discovery that they have a friend or interest in common. According to a recent study conducted by Bank of America Corp., the same seems to be true when it comes to wealth and assets.

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