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August 2014 Archives

Understanding the basic legal terms regarding child custody

In California, parents may share custody, or custody may be granted to one parent. If both parents have negotiated a parenting plan, a court will give its approval in most cases. If the parents cannot agree, the judge will make a determination regarding parenting time. However, the parents may be required to meet with a mediator before the judge will make the final decision.

Procedures for obtaining child custody in California

California parents who are divorcing will need to think about custody and support for their children among other things. The complexity of the process of arranging this will depend on whether or not the parents are able to successfully negotiate without going to court.

Oil tycoon could set new record in divorce

California residents might be interested in what could be a record divorce settlement. An oil tycoon worth an estimated $20.2 billion is divorcing his wife after a 26-year marriage. The tycoon made most of his money as founder and chairman of the oil company Continental Resources. The company pioneered the now popular use of fracking to tap previously difficult to obtain oil deposits.

Citadel CEO files for divorce

California is a community property state, meaning that essentially all property acquired during marriage will be divided equally between two spouses after they divorce. The community property rules of division will apply in cases where the parties do not have any agreement between them stating otherwise. The founder of Citadel Investment Group entered into a prenuptial agreement with his wife just one day before they were married in 2003; the founder has recently filed for divorce.

Actor tells California court he can't make alimony payments

Terrence Howard, known to movie audiences from roles in such films as "Iron Man," "The Butler," and "Hustle and Flow," has informed the court system of California that he's unable to meet a requirement to pay $325,000 in spousal support to his ex-wife as part of the former couple's divorce settlement. The actor has told the court that he's unable to apply payments to the settlement because most of his income goes to pay support for his previous wife of 14 years along with a daughter and son.

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