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April 2016 Archives

The challenges of custody

California parents who are going through a divorce sometimes fight about custody issues. While it is easy to focus on hurt feelings and grudges, the best interests of a child should be put first. Parenting plans and alternative forms of conflict resolution could help parents find solutions that work for themselves and their children.

International laws about parental abduction

When divorced parents in California do not agree on a child custody arrangement, a lot of arguments and legal disputes can arise. A terrible thing that can happen is when a parent disobeys a child custody order and takes the child to a foreign country without the other parent's consent.

Custody agreements and summer vacation planning

While a custody agreement may take summer vacations into account, California divorced parents are left to work out the details in light of those provisions. Some parenting plans are general in their provisions, which makes timely communication an important factor in establishing a plan for summer vacation that complies with the parenting agreement. A decent amount of advance notice is customary to ensure that both parents and the children can plan as needed.

Man asked to pay support for estranged wife's child

California residents may be interested in the story of an Iowa man who is being asked to pay child support after his wife had a child with another man. Although the two are still officially married, they separated in 1999 and have been estranged ever since. The man's wife admitted to having the baby with another man after a one-night stand, and she was trying to get that man to pay support instead.

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