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March 2015 Archives

Ex's Social Security could be source of child support

California parents owed child support might be able to access funds if the other parent is collecting Social Security benefits. A big exception is if the person is collecting Supplemental Security Income, which is labeled a form of welfare and cannot be garnished. Other Social Security benefits, however, could be a potential source of child support.

Child support and the gender of the recipient

While the most current data available from the U.S. Census taken in 2011 indicates that more mothers failed to pay child support than fathers, it still appears that women with physical custody of a child or children face more financial problems than men. In California and other states, receiving child support payments is a significant issue for custodial parents.

Artists, their artwork and property division in divorce

Artists in California who are divorcing might be aware that since it is a community property state, all assets are considered to be owned by both spouses. However, they may not realize that their artwork is also a marital asset. This applies whether the art in question is visual art or some other type of art, such as a film.

Bankruptcy and child support in California

People who pay child support as well as those who receive it might wonder how bankruptcy may affect payments, especially when the person filing owes back child support. Although people who are ordered to pay child support may erroneously believe that their obligation to do so is stayed upon filing bankruptcy, this is not the case.

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