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January 2015 Archives

New technology-based visitation rights are becoming more popular

A new form of child visitation may potentially change the way a parent is able to relate to their child in California. Virtual visitation is a new method of child visitation that may allow a parent to be a part of a child's life through the use of technology like video conferencing, email and Facebook. It could prove to be a beneficial way for a child to be able to stay in contact with a non-custodial parent if either the parent of the child moves out of state. However, it could be a difficult adjustment to make if the child is accustomed to regular face-to-face time with the parent.

Addressing pet-related concerns in divorce cases

California is not alone in being a state that is filled with animal lovers. The Humane Society indicates that the number of cats and dogs in U.S. households is approaching 179 million. In many cases, couples without children allow a pet to fill a unique role of companionship. However, this can also result in heated battles for custody during a divorce.

The basics of child support in California

Child support is the amount of money, determined by the court, that one or both parents must pay as part of their duty to provide for their child. There are many factors involved in making a child support decision during divorce proceedings, including income, time spent with the child and the child's own financial needs. The state uses a basic formula to determine child support for most cases. The state also offers parents free assistance from a family law facilitator to help with child support documents.

Modifying a child custody order in California

California custody orders may require modification as the child grows and the situation between the parents and other custodial individuals evolves. It may be necessary to raise or decrease the amount of support provided, change the terms and times of visitation, answer questions relating to living circumstances and resolve a variety of other issues. The court will be willing to review the changing circumstances and alter any binding court orders appropriately. It is required that all parties continue to obey the terms of the existing order until such time as it has been superseded.

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