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October 2015 Archives

When business owners divorce in California

If a couple is getting a divorce and they own a business, each spouse may assume that the business is rightfully theirs. However, organizations have value, so they are considered a marital asset. If someone started a business before being married, this may be taken into account to a certain extent, but each spouse will be able to lay claim to at least part of a business' worth.

Incarcerated fathers may halt child support

New regulations that are being introduced by the Obama administration may be of interest to California parents who have gone through a divorce. Under the law, fathers who are incarcerated may halt the accrual of their child support payments while they are serving their prison sentences.

Hair tests and child custody in California

It is commonly believed that the detection of cannabis metabolites in a hair follicle means that the test has come back positive for marijuana. However, a new study from the Institute of Forensic Medicine says that some results are actually false positives. The research indicates that cannabis can be transferred from an individual who used the substance to a person who has not.

Detecting financial fraud in a divorce setting

Most California couples who are going through a divorce do not need to worry about financial fraud, but it does occur in some instances. Individuals may attempt to hide assets so that they do not have to split them with their spouse. Some red flags that may indicate fraud include spouses who have mail delivered to another address, hiding details of financial transactions and sudden changes in behavior.

Forensic accountants may uncover hidden marital assets

California couples with many assets who are divorcing may need to hire forensic accountants. Although a forensic accountant might be necessary if a spouse is attempting to conceal assets, they can also be useful when this is not the case. Wealthy couples tend to have complex estates in which valuation should be done by professionals.

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