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August 2016 Archives

Technology limits and parenting plans

As Pokémon Go takes California and much of the world by storm, many parents are faced with conflict as they appreciate the physical activity encouraged by the game but also worry about excessive screen time. Those dealing with these concerns in the context of a divorce can face further challenges if there are disagreements about limiting time with this game. Any video game or recreational activity could become an issue based on parental perspectives, and many wonder about how to deal with differences in these situations.

Paying for gifted and athletic children after a divorce

Most divorced parents fully understand that that their parental duties do not necessarily end with the dissolution of the marriage. California family courts will often require that both parents contribute financially to support any children. A parent who does not have full custody may be expected to make regular child support payments.

Agreeing on child support

Parents in California who are ending their relationship often have concerns about child custody and support issues. If their children are minors at the time of the split, parents will often attempt to negotiate an appropriate financial arrangement that will ensure the children's needs are met.

Actor denies owing back child support

Actor Jeremy Renner is denying accusations by his ex-wife that he owes more than $48,000 in child support. Renner and his ex, who finalized their divorce in 2015, have a child support agreement in place, but his ex-wife is seeking additional support, including the payment of their child's monthly preschool tuition.

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