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September 2016 Archives

The myth of too much child support for single parents

A common criticism levied against single mothers who have physical custody of their children is that they receive too much child support. However, it may not be fair to make such an accusation. In most cases, the custodial parent doesn't decide how much support she will receive. That is usually decided between the parents themselves or decided by a judge if the two cannot come to an agreement on their own. In California, the income of both parents may play a role in any support order.

Drawbacks of buying a house before marriage

California residents looking to buy a home with a partner may benefit from treating it like any other business relationship. This may be true regardless of how close a couple may feel to each other. While dividing assets in a divorce can present its own challenges, trying to untangle finances when a couple is just cohabiting can be even more complicated.

Protecting children's college accounts in divorce

Parents in California who are getting a divorce might be concerned about any college savings plans they have set up for their children. They may want to take steps to ensure that the accounts are not diverted by the other parent to pay for the education of a new child with another partner or for some other purpose. These concerns may be addressed in the separation agreement.

More states pass shared parenting laws into legislation

Shared parenting is becoming more strongly encouraged across the country, including in California, although there is skepticism about the concept in some states. As of September 2016, one more state has passed a shared parenting statute into legislation.

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