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April 2015 Archives

Finding hidden assets in a California divorce

Unfortunately, many people going through a California divorce will attempt to hide income and assets from their spouses in an attempt to prevent them from receiving their rightful portion in the property division. There are several ways in which a person typically tries to hide assets, all of which may require the help of a forensic accountant or investigator in order to track them down.

Changing beneficiary designations after a divorce

Annuities, retirement plans, transfer on death bank accounts and life insurance policies are all examples of the types of assets that are passed on pursuant to beneficiary designations. Some California residents may want to update their beneficiaries if they divorce to ensure that the former spouse will no longer stand to receive the proceeds of these accounts.

Deciding whether to start a custody case in California

People sometimes wonder if they should initiate a child custody case or instead leave the courts out of it. Some people may be worried that if they file a case, the child's other parent will become angry. They may also worry that the other parent may receive more custody and visitation rights than the ones they already have.

The complications of high-asset divorces in California

High-asset divorces sometimes involve complicated assets that raise tensions between the spouses and require a lot of attention during the entire process. If you have accumulated many assets during your marriage, you might need advice and negotiating assistance from a lawyer.

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