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February 2017 Archives

Fathers behind on child support see their kids less often

California parents may be interested in a study showing that fathers who are behind on their child support payments see their children less often, are more likely to have kids with multiple partners and work fewer weeks per year. The study was published in the Journal of Marriage and Family in February.

What happens to a family business if the owners get divorced?

As many California residents have found out, marriages sometimes come to a premature end, and when a couple separates, there can be many complications. One of the issues these estranged spouses might have to deal with is how to address a business when the relationship falls apart. There are different options available to business owners, from selling the company and sharing the profits to keeping the business together and finding a way to continue working as co-owners.

Child support rule for incarcerated parent in effect

California parents who are incarcerated but still trying to make unrealistic child support payments may be interested in learning that a rule that took effect in January could impact their child support orders. The regulation, which was issued by Barack Obama during his final month in office, changes how states are able to collect child support payments from parents who are in prison.

How to handle the primary residence in a California divorce

Negotiations over property division sometimes become heated in California divorce cases due to the state's community property laws, and this can be especially true if one of the parties wishes to remain in the family home while the other wants to sell. The emotional ties that couples form with the houses in which they have raised a family can add an additional layer of complexity to these talks, and a diplomatic approach may be advisable for people who hope for a speedy settlement agreement.

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