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June 2015 Archives

California fathers may benefit from new joint custody movement

In the past, a child custody dispute in California would, by and large, be decided in favor of the mother. Now, however, there is greater flexibility regarding the possibility of joint custody. A movement is gaining traction for fathers to have a better chance of sharing physical custody with the mothers, and many states are considering legislation that would give fathers more time with their children.

Are deadbeat parents really avoiding all responsibility?

California parents who owe child support may be familiar with the challenges that can occur when financial difficulties arise. Some deadbeat parents fail to meet their obligations because of job losses, layoffs or other crises that interfere with earning a living. However, a recent study demonstrates that those considered deadbeats because of failure to meet court-ordered obligations may actually be contributing more than the public realizes.

Public opinion about child support laws

California parents may be interested in a recent study by two Arizona State University professors that found that public opinion of how courts should calculate child support differs greatly from the current system. The study involved the team asking prospective jurors in Arizona, as well as a group of British participants, what they would decide if they were judges in specific child support cases. The professors used this methodology rather than simply asking abstract questions because they believed it would give them a clearer picture of the public's opinion.

Jon Gosselin seeks custody of daughter

California television fans may have heard that Jon Gosselin, a former star of the cancelled reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," is seeking custody of one of his eleven-year-old daughters. The girl claims that her mother is cruel to her and forces her to participate in the filming of the series "Kate Plus 8."

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