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July 2016 Archives

How Social Security benefits factor into a divorce

Many people do not fully understand the rules for Social Security benefits, and they can become even more confused when divorce comes into the picture. Although California retirees may be aware they can claim spousal benefits when they are married, they might not realize they could be entitled to spousal benefits if they are divorced. People might want to learn the basics of how these benefits work before they seek to end their marriages.

Child support payments affect credit scores

Divorced parents in California may wonder if child support payments can affect their credit reports. The short answer is "yes". Missing or delinquent child support payments can have a negative effect on credit scores, just as timely payments can potentially have a positive effect. The agency or municipality collecting the child support reports delinquent payments to credit bureaus.

The marital home and property division

Many California couples whose marriages are coming to an end own a home together. Deciding how to handle it is very important, as it may be the largest asset they own, and it may also be difficult for one party to be able to afford to remain living in it alone after the divorce is finalized.

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