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October 2016 Archives

Prison inmates and their child support obligations

California parents who are incarcerated for longer than 90 days are not required to continue paying child support, but this is not the case everywhere. In 14 states, parents are not permitted to modify their child support obligations due to incarceration. One man saw the amount of support he owed monthly go up from $50 to $400 despite the fact that he was making around $40 per month in prison. When he was released after six years, he owed $50,000 in child support and interest.

What is taken into consideration in a spousal support order?

When spousal support is at issue in a California divorce court, the judge must consider several different factors that are outlined in the state's family code. Spousal support is not granted in every situation, but judges may order it if they believe that doing so is warranted. Courts consider what each spouse would need to earn in order to enjoy a standard of living that is similar to the standard that they enjoyed while married.

Financial tips for California couples going through divorce

Before going through a divorce, one should take steps to secure their financial future. For starters, they should plan to live on about half their income but with nearly three-fourths of their current expenses. While it is important for a person to understand their financial situation, they should avoid moving money around or doing anything that could be construed as trying to hide assets. Similarly, moving out immediately may also not be advisable since it could give the impression of abandoning the family.

Options for dividing the family home in divorce

Individuals in California who are divorcing might be concerned about keeping their family home. If they go before a judge for property division, they might not be happy with the outcome. A judge might force the sale of the home and have the couple split the proceeds.

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