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July 2015 Archives

Determining pet custody in California

Many divorce courts are starting to use some of the same considerations in making pet custody determinations as they do when dealing with child custody and visitation. When making a decision, some judges will look out for the best interest of the pet, which means that shared custody or visitation rights may be granted. Those who wish to have sole custody of a pet after a divorce or separation should be prepared to show that they provided for most of the pet's needs.

How substance abuse can affect child custody questions

California courts hold the best interests of the child to be the primary concern when making custody or visitation decisions. Although substance abuse issues lie at the heart of many divorces involving parents of young children, problematic behavior with alcohol and other intoxicants are not usually considered to be sufficient grounds to bar any custody or visitation in and of themselves. Instead, the court will evaluate the situation and attempt to find out how much parental responsibility the substance abuser can reasonably maintain.

Rap star DMX accused of failing to pay $400,000 in child support

California music fans may be aware that the hip-hop artist Earl Simmons, who is better known as DMX, has had more than his share of legal problems. The 44-year-old rapper has been arrested on charges including drug possession, animal cruelty and reckless driving, and he found himself in front of a judge again on June 27. He was scheduled to appear on stage at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan on June 26, but deputies with the New York City Sheriff's Department took him into custody as he was getting ready to perform.

Division of debts in divorce

When a couple gets divorced in California, all marital debts must be divided just like marital assets. Because California is a community property state, both spouses will be responsible for debts that were acquired by either spouse during the course of the marriage. Debts that are eligible for division in a divorce might include credit card balances, unpaid medical expenses and home mortgages.

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