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June 2016 Archives

Planning for divorce is unpleasant but can be important

Nearly everyone who gets married hopes for the best, but California divorce courts of California are filled with people who never planned to be there. Unfortunately, the high rate is a statistical fact, and an appreciable number of people who get married are going to see their unions come to an end at some point. It is a depressing reality, and those who feel themselves capable of facing such harsh emotional truths might be wise to prepare for the possibility when making financial plans for their retirement.

The lessons from Johnny Depp's divorce case

Johnny Depp's divorce case may provide some invaluable lessons to Californians who are unhappy in their marriages. Because of the couple's celebrity status, the publicity has been unavoidable. Still, it shows what people should avoid doing when they are thinking about filing for divorce.

California resident gets support despite prenup

The Ninth Circuit ruled that a real estate agent must continue to provide for his former wife even though they both signed a prenuptial agreement that nixed spousal support. According to the court, immigration documents set forth an expectation that an immigrant's sponsor will provide support regardless of what other agreements say. This is designed to prevent a person from entering the country, divorcing a spouse and then becoming reliant on public services.

Getting child support ordered for private school attendance

One concern of some California parents who are going through a divorce is whether the noncustodial parent may be ordered to contribute child support amounts for private school education. While judges won't always make such orders, they will in certain cases.

Income and child support modifications

California parents who are subject to a child support order might wonder how the order would change if the parent paying support began earning more or less money. A parent who loses a job or changes jobs and this leads to a lower income can ask for a modification of the order. The same is true if one parent begins making a substantial amount of money. If that parent is also paying support, the other parent can ask for an increase in child support.

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