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Citadel CEO files for divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

California is a community property state, meaning that essentially all property acquired during marriage will be divided equally between two spouses after they divorce. The community property rules of division will apply in cases where the parties do not have any agreement between them stating otherwise. The founder of Citadel Investment Group entered into a prenuptial agreement with his wife just one day before they were married in 2003; the founder has recently filed for divorce.

Prior to filing for divorce, Kenneth C. Griffin and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin, had been trying to negotiate a divorce settlement for months. According to a source close to the CEO, Griffin felt that none of the settlement proposals were going to come to fruition, and it appeared that going to court was inevitable. According to another source, however, Dias Griffin was taken by surprise when she was provided with notice of the divorce filing.

According to reports, Griffin waited until his wife was on vacation with their children before issuing the divorce filing. Representatives for Dias Griffin claim that this was to ensure that she would be unable to immediately call him back, knowing that the information would likely be detrimental to their three young children.

Griffin has reportedly said that he wants joint custody of the couple’s children. Attorneys for Dias Griffin have expressed that the parties’ prenuptial agreement will govern all issues relating to the parties’ marriage. Griffin is believed to be worth approximately $5.5 billion. Individuals who are wondering whether they should draft a pre- or postnuptial agreement may want to speak with a family law attorney who may advise them on the matter.

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