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Singer’s 36-year marriage ends with divorce petition

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

Neil Young, the famous singer and songwriter, has petitioned a California court to end his 36-year marriage to Pegi Young. The petition for divorce was filed on July 29 in San Mateo, and so far neither party is making any public comment.

Young was already a musical superstar when he met Pegi in California. She was working as a waitress at a restaurant near his home at the time. They married in 1978 and she began working as a background singer for him in the 1990s. Previously, Young has said that many of his most popular love songs have been based on Pegi and their marriage. Neil and Pegi had been scheduled to appear together at an upcoming music festival, but her name has been removed from the lineup since the divorce petition was filed.

In addition to singing backup vocals for her husband, Pegi also had some success as a solo artist beginning in the 2000s. She has released a trio of solo albums, with the first recorded in 2007, and has headlined her own tours. The couple has also been active in charity and philanthropy, co-founding a school for children with severe physical disabilities in the 1980s. Their last performance together was at that school in 2013.

Divorce after many years of marriage can be difficult on both parties. Over the years, lives and finances become intertwined in such a way that it can take a great deal of time to settle affairs in a separation. High-asset divorces can be particularly difficult and contentious and require meticulous attention during the filing and execution stages. A divorce attorney can provide assistance with these types of cases and work to make sure a client’s needs are as well-represented as possible in the proceedings.

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