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Handling High-Asset Divorces For California Couples

When you and your spouse have accumulated a great deal of assets, the divorce process can become much more complicated without the right advice from an experienced lawyer.

At my Auburn Law Office of Chandra E. Miller, I can help you and your spouse negotiate a property division agreement, or I can represent you in litigation, aggressively pursuing your rights to marital assets. No matter which way your case proceeds, I will be by your side to help you reach a resolution that protects your needs and provides you with financial security.

Protecting Your Most Valued Assets During Your California Divorce

California is a community property state. This means that each spouse gets 50 percent of the marital property. A divorce proceeding that includes a high number of assets can be more complicated because of assets like:

  • The marital home and other properties, including vacation homes
  • Business ownership stakes
  • Retirement assets like pensions, 401k plans, IRAs and other retirement accounts
  • Real estate and stock investments
  • Luxury items like cars, boats, jewelry, art and electronics

Committed ~ Compassionate ~ Tough

As your attorney, I will consult with accountants, appraisers and other experts to determine every asset’s true value and determine whether it is a marital or nonmarital asset. If you and your spouse are able to work together, I can then help you negotiate a settlement that meets both of your needs.

Of course, many times couples are simply not able to work together. If litigation is necessary, I will vigorously represent you in that setting as well, building a strong case to protect your most important assets.

Throughout the process, I will work to keep your case moving toward a resolution that protects you financially, not just now, but in the future. To learn more about how I can help, contact the Law Office of Chandra E. Miller online or by calling 530-377-5022 or toll free at 866-679-7592.