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Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

California Collaborative Practice: An Alternative to Divorce Litigation

Collaborative Practice is the only option that truly caters to the wide range of needs a family will have during a divorce. It’s the only option that truly supports a divorcing couple financially, emotionally and legally.

How does collaborative practice provide this support? It does so by way of teamwork. The divorcing couple puts themselves in absolute control of the process. Divorcing spouses make the decisions, not the court, so they can be confident they will make choices that are best for themselves and their children.

Providing Collaborative Divorce Services In Auburn, California

My name is Chandra E. Miller. I am a collaborative practice lawyer who takes pride in offering divorcing couples this non-combative method of resolving their differences. Collaborative law is significantly different from divorce mediation, as it does not involve a mediator, but has the couple working together directly. Let me help you understand your alternative divorce resolution options that allow you to make the decisions that are most important in your life.

The Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative practice is a time and cost saver because it allows the parties to be in control of the process. However, the real benefit of collaborative practice is that it supports a healing and respectful relationship between the couple that will last long after the divorce is finalized. This is particularly important when there are children involved and the parents will have to maintain a relationship for the sake of the children.

The Collaborative Divorce Process

A collaborative practice team is involved in each divorce. The people involved include the couple and:

  • A divorce coach for each spouse
  • A child specialist, if there are children
  • A financial specialist
  • A collaborative law attorney representing each spouse

Collaborative practice is a completely transparent process for both spouses. The parties themselves are in control of the process and the team can be tailored to fit the needs of the parties. Here are some particulars of the process so you have an understanding of what is involved:

  • All meetings take place face to face with both attorneys and spouses present.
  • Full disclosure and commitment to respectful resolutions are the foundation of collaborative practice.
  • Both spouses and their attorneys sign a stipulation agreeing that under no circumstances will they go to court.
  • If one spouse does file with the court, the attorneys in the collaborative team must withdraw and both spouses must retain new counsel, providing a tremendous incentive for both spouses to stay in the process.

If you are interested in pursuing the collaborative divorce process in California, contact me at the Law Office of Chandra E. Miller in Auburn to learn more about how I can help you. Call 530-377-5022 locally or 866-679-7592 toll free, or send me an email today.