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Skilled Legal Help With Paternity Issues In Northern California

If you and your partner were never married and you had a child together, it is crucial that you establish paternity to protect your parental rights when it comes to custody and being able to see your child. In other cases, you may need to establish the father’s paternity so that you can claim much-needed child support benefits.

At the Law Office of Chandra E. Miller, in Auburn, California, I understand how emotional and stressful paternity disputes can be. I will work diligently to help you resolve your paternity dispute in a way that protects both you and your child’s best interests.

Making Sure You Are Treated Fairly

It is understandable if you are a father that you are worried about receiving fair treatment from the legal system during your divorce or a split from your child’s mother. Fortunately, California law requires judges to act only in the best interests of the child; it does not favor mothers over fathers.

As your attorney, I can guide you through the complex legal system and all of the necessary steps to establish paternity, including DNA testing and filing a Petition to Establish Parentage if needed. You can rest assured that you will have a strong advocate — who understands how important your relationship with your child is — working on your behalf.

Once paternity has been established, I can help you with other aspects of your child custody agreement, including:

  • Parenting time and visitation
  • Physical and legal custody
  • Child support payments

I have worked with countless parents in the Sacramento area, helping them forge workable agreements that protect the interests of parents and their children, allowing them to maintain strong relationships. Whether it is through mediation, collaborative law or litigation, I can help you find a resolution that meets your needs.

Do Not Go Through The Paternity Process Alone

A lawyer like me will make sure that you are doing everything right to establish paternity. For help navigating the California family law system, contact the Law Office of Chandra E. Miller online, or call 530-377-5022 or 866-679-7592 for a consultation.