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Lawsuit asks Flo Rida for 7 months of child support

California fans of rapper Flo Rida may have heard that a woman has filed a child support suit that involves him. The two had a relationship from December 2015 to January 2016. In September of that year, their son was born. A paternity test the following December named Flo Rida as the father, and reportedly, the results of the test were included in the lawsuit.

The process of collecting back child support

California noncustodial parents who have been ordered to pay child support may find that the other parent has filed a request for retroactive support as well. If they have receipts that prove they have kept up with support, they can provide these as evidence. If they can demonstrate that they have helped provide necessities such as food and clothing, the court may take this into consideration. They might also show that they have provided support in a non-monetary way, such as through child care.

Child support payments and the DPPA

California custodial parents who are not receiving child support might wonder what options are available to them. If the other parent has moved out of state to avoid payments and if certain other conditions apply, it might be possible to prosecute the parent under the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act. This federal law was established in 1998.

Dean McDermott could go to jail over child support

Following a March 10 court hearing in a California court, Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling's husband, was ordered to pay half of the child support that he owed to his ex-wife. If McDermott does not pay, his ex-wife could go back to court and have him taken to jail for contempt of court.

Fathers behind on child support see their kids less often

California parents may be interested in a study showing that fathers who are behind on their child support payments see their children less often, are more likely to have kids with multiple partners and work fewer weeks per year. The study was published in the Journal of Marriage and Family in February.

Child support rule for incarcerated parent in effect

California parents who are incarcerated but still trying to make unrealistic child support payments may be interested in learning that a rule that took effect in January could impact their child support orders. The regulation, which was issued by Barack Obama during his final month in office, changes how states are able to collect child support payments from parents who are in prison.

Old child support debt does not go away

California non-custodial parents who owe back child support must pay their arrearages even if their children have reached the age of 18. This debt does not go away, and there are steps that custodial parents can take to collect past-due amounts even after their children have become emancipated.

Prisoners and child support obligations

In an action that may make it easier for federal prisoners in California and other states to manage their child support obligations following incarceration, the Obama administration issued long-awaited rule changes on Dec. 19 that could lead to lower child support payments for some inmates. Under the new regulations, states could no longer follow any earlier policies that effectively blocked prisoners from seeking to modify their existing child support orders.

Seeking child support from absent parents

In California, it is fairly common for children to be born to unmarried mothers. Around the country, an average of 40 percent of children are born to parents who are not married. In 2000, by contrast, the percentage of such children was around 33 percent. While the number of children who are born to single parents has increased, the percentage of parents who participate in child support programs have gone down.

Ex-NFL player owes almost $400,000 in back child support

Football fans in California may be familiar with former New Orleans Saints player Robert Meachem. Meachem played for the Saints when the team won its only Super Bowl title in 2010. Now, Meachem is facing allegations that he failed to pay almost $400,000 in alimony and child support to his ex-wife.

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