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Technology limits and parenting plans

As Pokémon Go takes California and much of the world by storm, many parents are faced with conflict as they appreciate the physical activity encouraged by the game but also worry about excessive screen time. Those dealing with these concerns in the context of a divorce can face further challenges if there are disagreements about limiting time with this game. Any video game or recreational activity could become an issue based on parental perspectives, and many wonder about how to deal with differences in these situations.

It is recommended that couples who are co-parenting their child after a divorce endeavor to maintain similar schedules and rules during their parenting time to make the transition between different homes a less stressful experience. Consistency can help a child with issues such as getting enough sleep and maintaining academic performance. There may be disagreements over minor details, but communicating can be effective in allowing those differences to be addressed.

If a particularly objectionable practice is in place, a parent could take more extreme steps, including returning to court to seek a modification of a custody schedule. However, video games and screen time could be considered trivial issues in such a scenario. The parent on the other side of such a complaint might point out the bonding that could occur in the context of playing a video game together. More substantial concerns such as missing school because of video game play or other activities might hold more weight in a request for a modification of a parenting plan.

Documentation could be crucial for tracking objectionable parenting decisions and behaviors. School records, for example, might substantiate a pattern of absences and tardiness that could demonstrate inconsistent or irresponsible parenting. A lawyer might also use health records to corroborate concerns over parental responsibility.

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