Auburn Family Law Attorney

Empowering You to Create a Future You Can Look Forward To

With both compassion and legal expertise, I assist people through the journey of divorce and other challenging family law matters. My commitment is to respectful and, most importantly, empowering resolutions.

What makes divorce and other family law matters challenging? It is not necessarily the law itself, as the law tends to be fairly straightforward for most issues. The challenge stems from the emotionally traumatic nature of these matters. My goal is to put you into a position where you understand your legal options, where you can be supported in overcoming the emotional trauma you are experiencing in order to make good decisions about the path your case should take. That is the position I will strive to put you into. That is what empowerment is all about.

Where Do You See Yourself One Year From Now?

As your lawyer, this is one of the first questions I will ask. It can be difficult to see past the ups and downs you are faced with at the moment, but it is important to realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel. My job is to find out where you want to be and to help you get there in the most efficient manner possible.

Family law matters, particularly divorces and matters related to child custody and parenting time, as well as child support and property division, can go down a variety of tracks. They can go down the path of least resistance and be resolved through negotiation, or collaborative practice or divorce mediation. Or cases can go down the most highly conflicted track, litigation, where issues are resolved by a court.

I am experienced in all of the available tracks. I will not force your family law case down any particular track. Instead, I will work with you to determine the empowering resolution that makes the most sense for you and your family in your unique situation.

Discuss Your Case Directly With an Experienced Family Law Attorney

My name is Chandra E. Miller. I personally handle all cases that come to my law firm in Auburn, California, meaning I will be available to you as your consistent advocate throughout your case. I will be the person you talk to. Contact me today.